Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Barbie Games and Summer

Every summer, I’m reminded again why I like Barbie games. The simple truth is this: Barbie games are simple and they always make me want to go swimming. It’s a strange comparison, of course, but when you stop to think about it, the best Barbie games always seem to be featuring Barbie in a hot tub or swimsuit. Look through the dolls in the fashion toy aisle at your favorite toy store. You’ll see more than a few Barbie dolls sitting there in their swimsuits. Some even sport fish tales in a true mermaid style.

But the best accessories for Barbie games are not the giant houses. It’s the swimming pools and hot tubs. Check those out in the store and commercials and you’ll know what I mean. When you play with Barbie games in a swimming pool, you’re able to put some water in the pool, line up your dolls and have a regular beach party. It’s fun in a way that a big empty house just can’t be. And if you get bored with the doll party, you can always take your Barbie games into the big pool with you.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Barbie Games and Style

Barbie games are a great way to play with style. Style is such a personalized thing that it makes sense that you would be allowed to play with different clothing options, and what better way to do that than by checking out all that the Barbie games had to offer. The Barbie games available online are a nice way to check out the different sorts of styles that are available, and even if you aren’t entire sure of your own personal style, you can certainly try playing with the ones that are available to see what it is that you do like.

 Barbie games are full of stylish pieces as well as some more basic ones. You can start your stylish games by picking out a basic piece and then pairing it up with some other elements that you like. The nice thing about the Barbie games is that the clothing is simple to pull on or take off. All you have to do is click on one outfit and then change it to another one to make a change.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Barbie Games and Spring Fashions

The springtime is one of joy and rebirth. The fashions often represent this with lighter fabrics, pretty patterns and a general lightness and fun to all of the various styles. Of all of the various fashion dolls, Barbie games represent this springtime motif more effectively than any other group. The Monster High games are obviously dark –almost gothic in their appeal. The Bratz games are bold and trendy, but they are more urban in design than the Barbie games.

It then falls to the Barbie games to be on top of these things and promote the style that the doll world really needs at this time of the year. Decorate the dolls and make them shine. Encourage the bright patterns and soft pastels of spring time and perhaps put a flower in your hair. Barbie games are excellent at softness and light, and this is definitely one season where we can really see them shine.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Barbie Games and Valentines

This year for Valentine’s Day, I’m going to be a bit ironic rather than going with something more traditional. I believe I’m going to give all of my friends Barbie games valentines. Why, you may ask? I’m choosing Barbie this year for two reasons. The first is that I simply like Barbie. A lot. Who doesn't like Barbie games? The second reason I’m choosing Barbie games is because it’s a bit ironic when I do. How many other girls pick up Barbie valentines at my age? They are too busy baking cookies or buying candy. But not me!

Distributing my Barbie games valentines is fun, of course. All I have to do is tear out the little cards like I did back in elementary school. Then I write a short message to all of my friends on the cards and carefully pick out the right picture for the right friend. Then, once I have my cards sorted, I can distribute them to my friends. If I’m really feeling generous, I might go ahead and put some candy hearts into each card so that everyone can enjoy the fun of sweets and secret messages together this year.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Barbie Games and Romance

There is something about Barbie games that seems to shout out, “Romance!” to me. Maybe it’s the princess gowns that you always see Barbie wearing, or perhaps it’s the fact that she is always dressed up to impress – with Ken or Derek hanging around on the sidelines waiting to be given the green light. But regardless, while many might think of Barbie games as simply an opportunity to play with fashion and style, there is more to it than that.

Drag out your old Barbie dream house. Then look for some of Barbie’s most romantic clothing – big party gowns, sparkles and high heels, of course. Finally, dress up some of Barbie’s closest friends and arrange the dolls in your dream house as if you were having a romantic party – just the sort of thing Barbie would likely really do in her dream house! How can you say that’s not both dreamy and fun at the same time?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Barbie Games and Wedding Dresses

I've seen a lot of Barbies lately, but the one I haven’t seen is Barbie’s wedding dress. I realize this has a lot to do with Ken and Barbie breaking up all of those many years ago, but still – Barbie has been to every formal dance under the sun judging by her collection of holiday ball gowns, but has she ever actually been married?

Of course, if you’re an avid player of Barbie games, you might find it a bit amusing that she is touted as such wholesome fun for young girls. Of course, this is a relatively new attitude for society to have in regard to Barbie. She used to be considered scandalous. And if you stop to consider how many Barbies seem to have babies – twins even! – you’ll soon realize that now all is as it seems in the land of Barbie and Ken. Maybe he’s just another delinquent father of illegitimate babies and we’ll never see Barbie in a real wedding dress.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Barbie Games and Pinterest

I’m a recent convert to Pinterest, but I’m already addicted. It’s scary how quickly you can get sucked into the site full of pictures, ideas and plans for others. You might think of crazy cartoons, interesting crafts and that sort of thing when you’re considering Pinterest, but there are plenty of other ways to use the site as well – including showing off some of your Barbie games.

Barbie games are typically played by yourself, or perhaps with a good friend who is over for the day to enjoy some of the outfits you have for dressing up your dolls. But you can now play Barbie games with the whole world if you want to take pictures of your creations and post them online. For example, you can dress up your Barbie games in your own creations and then snap a picture of the costume. Pose the doll, create a great look and let everyone enjoy it!